Dear Sir or Madame,

We are working on a research project funded by the European Commission intended to improve the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises (SME) on the field of powder metallurgy.
The objective of this project, called DIRA-GREEN, is to develop a highly effective non-destructive system to inspect ‘green parts’ resulting in a higher-level quality assurance of P/M components and savings in material, time as well as energy.
Since the main principle of the project is to provide a system that acts on the needs of SMEs, we would appreciate if you could share with us your point of view particularly about the inspection of green compacts. This survey is a requirement from the European Commission and it helps us make sure that what is developed in the project helps you in your business. So we would really appreciate if you could help us by completing it preferable by a manager responsible for quality or technology.
We are interested in the current technologies that your company applies and the desired developments if there is any. This information will enable us to make a new design closer to your real needs.
Those who are filled out the survey and provided their e-mail address will be provided by a summary of the result.









Privacy Statement:  Any information collected when you respond to this survey will not be used in any way by DIRA-GREEN, other than using it for the system specification and presenting it to European Commission. Your email address will not be shared or sold to others. It will not be used for any Marketing purposes, and you will not receive any email from DIRA-GREEN unless you specifically ask for information. We will not keep track of your IP address.